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How genes degrade and cause mutation and cancer?

Human Genetic degradation and mutation.


  • Introduction to Human Genetic designed.

Human being is made of Genetic of specific number and specific designed. These genetic are inheritance from parents genetic combination to child. As Child grow, these genetic design and determine development of body  organs and body proteins.

But does these Genetic do not make mistake and work in perfect order for development of human mind, body and proteins.

No, as there is no thing in the world perfect  expect  GOD.  These Genetic do make mistake and fails in development of Human body and day to day require protein and metabolism.

This is main intention of current topic of Human Genetic Degradation and mutation to create awareness on possible organic degradation of Human Genetic with time and probability of mutation and cancer.


  • Organic properties to dissociate and associate.

Chemicals of all kind have properties to degrade with time. So we paint our house and furniture to protect from corrosion or chemical degradation.  Likewise, Human Genetics are also made of chemicals and tend to degrade with time.

First of all, the bond of Adenine –Thymine and Gyanine-Cytosine tend to break with availability of bond energy in the system or free radical available due to fast or cooked food. Once broken, following cases to arise for these DNA


  • Problem in retain of the same structure.


Case 1: No change

Once broken, these entity reunites to form same genetic structure as per parent present.  Possibility is more than 90% since, the broken entity is free but closed to parent structure and react to form same bond.

In these case there is on  change in the GENETIC of human.


Case 2. The Genetic entity gets lost in the surrounding.


Once the bond between Adenine –Thymine and Gyanine-Cytosine is broken, there is possibility of the free entity gets lost in the surrounding. Possibility of this case is 9.99%.

However, due to DNA repair system, it is possible to retain same structure.

Case 3: The entire entity is replaced by new structure.

Once the bond between Adenine-Thymine is broken. Adenine remains. Say, it also broken and remains behind active site to attach. From the surrounding, free guanine or Thymine is rearranged to the active site and followed by gene repairing to give repaired structure. This replaces the genetic  of human being causing mutation or cancer. Possibility is less than 1%.

In the following discussion, entire emphasis is laid on case  2 and 3.

The degradation and following repairing of Genes do take place by following mechanism

  1. Diet
  2. Metabolism


  1. Diet: In case human being are taking fresh and healthy natural resources, the genetic repairs take place and human take healthy mutation and grow. If diet is not sufficient or not natural, then more degradation of the human genes take place and causes bad mutation.
  2. Metabolism. Metabolism covers healthy work out of human being. If human are fits both by soul( this is missing in many cases), mind ( which is corrupt in many cases) and body.   Human should help poor needy peoples, stay neat and clean through day to express  good life.



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