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Smart Car II-Automatic filled Nitrogen gas Car tyres.

Smart Car II-Automatic filled Nitrogen gas Car tyres.


In cars there is always headache to check tyre pressure. If Tyre pressure are not in lined, then you have to check and get this filled at Tyre shop. Mostly one file this with hot air, instead of Nitrogen.

Cars companies are coming with innovative idea to solve this problem. That is smart car with automatic filled Nitrogen Gas Tyres.

In these Smart car, there is pressure sensor at internal part of the Tyre. As tyre pressure reduce on travelling, Car sense the pressure change. Automatically it fill the Nitrogen Gas in the concerned tyre with reduce air pressure with electric motor. The GAS chromatographic system in the Car select only nitrogen to fill the Tyre.

Advantage to customers:

  1. Tyre with necessary pressure all the time.
  2. Car owner do not have to fill the air manually.
  3. Money saved in filling the Air in the Tyre.
  4. Comfortable journey. 

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