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Polyroad development of Country ( India here).


Today road is source of development in the country. Any isolated village, city, country can progress and develop in worldly pleasures only when it has connectivity. Our rural area, hill and mountain valleys, forests area and far deccan plateau.  No doubt Government is fighting hard to develop the connectivity and increase the peoples help in these isolated area. But still it need large scale volunteer public participation to do so.

On other hand, there need to be benefit of the public in development of the road too. After  road, there is always the development and profits of the mankind. 


The topic polyroad development of Country deals with very topic to motivate the Indian to develop road and contribute to development of the country.


Well,  then what is polyroad and how and why people will contribute to development of the road for the country. Since it occupy your land and no benefit to you. Here polyroad is helpful to public participation also.

To understand polyroad and its benefits, first understand difference between multiplex and normal single theather.


In multiplex you have option of watching more than one movies if desired movie is housefull to watch. Also you have option to roam and do shopping or have a meal in the multiplex. Same is not the case with single theater. Also cost recovery with multiplex is fast compared to single theater.  


Polyroad. : Like multiplex, polyroad too have many option. While development of road, mother infrastructure company should develop underground  beneath road, and sideway one can develop following

  1. Shopping mall.
  2. Hotels
  3. Parking space
  4. Coffe house
  5. Even  and why not small offices

Further like double decker bus, road should be also more than one floors and each floor should be allocated to vehicals.

  1. Ground floor road for heavy vehicles
  2. First floor for medium fast vehicles.
  3. Second floor or top floor for high speed vehicles.


The underground and side line of the road should be utilize for making other marketing developments. SO there are huge benefits of the making road. As the distance increases,  the benefits also increases . Also in the country like india very land is very precious for poor peoples and farmer, development of road with sideline market will be many helpful for economic growth.


Further road can be developed underground through farms land and river for more and more profits.

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