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Parked economy vs Gold investment.

Parked economy vs Gold investment.

Consider there are two persons A and B. Mr. A bought a car worth 1 million Indian rupees. Mr. B bought gold worth 1 million Indian rupees.

Let after 15 years after, consider the assets value of Mr. A and Mr. B.  

Mr. A bought the car but do not drive the car. Rarely drove the car in day to day life. Car remain parked in garage for 15 years hardly drove to 4000 Km. Value of the car after 15 years is zero.

Mr. B have purchased 1 million dollar gold. Due to 10% appreciation, after 15 years 1 million dollar gold should be not less than 2 million dollars or more.

So compare to Mr.B, Mr. A had just parked the money and it is wasted.

Likewise many buy the car and keep this parked. This give raise to economy called parked economy. Compared to this, Indian philosophy of investment in Gold is better and helpful in future for bad days.

So before buying car, thinks whether or not you are going to use the car. If you are not going to use the car, then invest in Gold for bad days. You shall never see the bad days.

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