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how to remove dirt in washing machine?

Scrubber for washing machine.

Washing machines are used for washing clothes. However, it commonly lack scrubbing technique of brush with human hand. Washing machines manufacturer have developed many techniques to overcome this issues.

This scrubbing technique can be overcome by adding scrubber to washing machine while washing.  What is scrubber?

Everyone knows daily toothbrush. It is made of styrene. Same brush is used in spherical form with bristle one entire round surface. The diameter of scrubber should be around 1 inch. 100 to 200 scrubbers should be added while washing the cloth.

As washing machine washes cloth, the scrubber present in the detergent water adds additional scrubbing feathers and removes dirt more easily.

After washing, washing machine removes the water and dries the cloth. Scrubber remains in the washing machines. While taking cloth out, one has to remove the scrubber and place it in the washing machine for next wash.

Scrubbers are not available in market. At present, one can buy 50 toothbrushes and cut the rare part of toothbrush and use only bristle part for washing machine. As and when, spherical scrubbers are available; one can use this for washing.

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