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What is Diagonal Wheel Drive?

Diagonal wheel drive.

Let “FL” be front left wheel and “FR” are Front Right wheel of car. Likewise, “RL” be Rear Left wheel and “RR” Rear right wheel.

Normally cars are Front wheel drive, or Rear wheel drive or both Four wheels drive.  In this cases, the wheel is either pushing or pullying the center of gravity of the car and hence more force is required for car to move on.

In case of Diagonal wheel drive, car is driving only diagonal wheel at a time. That is either both FL and RR or  FR and RL at a time. Or one front wheel and diagonally opposite Rear wheel. In this process, center of gravity of the car is well balance and very much power is consumed for moving the Car. Or the fuel of the car is saved.

Advantages of Diagonal wheel drive.

  1. Fuel  efficiency is doubled. Say if car is running 10-14 km it will move to 20-28 Km.
  2. In climbing or moving through difficult road, there no chances of car getting stucked. As diagonal wheel drive are as good as Four wheel drive.

Inspiration :

This diagonal wheel drive is inspired from the walking movement of human being. When man moves in a path, he moves diagonally opposite limbs to match the movement of center of gravity. Say left hand move ahead when right leg is moving ahead and vice versa.

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