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Water heater- geyser default problem and updation

Water heater- geyser default problem and updation.


Home appliances water heater geyser is of principal of converting the electric energy to heat and transferring this to water.  As water enters the heater appliances, it is absorb the heat energy and get heated. So water leaving the Heater appliance is hot and collected the collector vessels.

 Default problem.

The default problem is only that heater convert the electric energy to heat energy and transfer to water irrespective of water temperature.

Actually, heater should have mechanism of gradually heating the water. In winter, water is very cold and when it come in contact of heat the metal surface develop crack-though at nano crack. Metal are brittle in nature and hence develop crack by default nature. So the temperature of incoming water and metal surface heating should not drastic change. But heater should series of metal coil with gradual raise in the temperature.

Say there are 10 coils in the heater. The temperature of current heater coils is

C1=C2=C3=C4=……C 9=C10.

The gradual raise in the temperature should be there to avoid development of nano level crack.

That is temperature of coil should be C1<C2<C3………C9<C10.

The gradual raise will reduce instance change in temperature of heater metal coil and water. And water will be heated gradually.

This will definitely increase the life of Metal coil in the Water heater.



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