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Tired of one day or less battery backup for 5 inch smart phone!

Tired of one day or less battery backup for 5 inch smart phone!


Here is smart idea.


Mobile Phone Company provides in-built battery in Smartphone. Due to heavy usage, battery last only one day or less.


Smart idea is to provide two batteries and also instead of in-built the mobile phone frame, let it be in-built the mobile flap cover. So now, Mobile owner shall use two mobile flap covers as protector and also battery. One for use and other is parked aside.  Once, former battery is drained, mobile owner shall remove the cover and replace with another cover. The former cover is then kept for charging and after charging parked aside for use.


Advantages of pair of mobile cover batteries are as follows:


  1. No tension of Mobile charging: Mobile owner do not have to keep mobile for charging, instead only mobile cover with battery for charging.
  2. No tension of keeping mobile away for 2 hours for charging: As changing cover takes seconds of time, mobile is kept on and on and no tension of being apart.
  3. No tension of outdoor charging of mobile :There is no hesitation of charging mobile outdoor, as mobile owner is going to charge only mobile cover costing about 500 to 1000 Rupees and hence no hesitation or fear of losing mobile.
  4. Slim trim mobile phone: Since battery is removed from in-built frame of mobile, very slim mobile can be made, wow that’s too much.


Thanks and looking forward !



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