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Solution for success of electric car.

Solution for success of electric car.

Electric car runs on electricity and is more efficient and environmentally friendly in emission. Only thing it lag

  1. Charging of car battery, which take 8 hours.
  2. Availability of charge point. 

Until this is address, success of electric car is not possible.

Solution is very simple. Let electricity car and electric battery be different. Today, it is inbuilt. The electric battery should be easily removable. Once car owner notice low battery, he or she has to park it to nearest petrol pump. At petrol pump, replace  electric battery with fully charge battery. Car owner has to pay for filled car battery and move on. The petrol pump owner shall retain the discharged battery and shall pill up all discharge battery and charge them all together. Likewise, they shall replace discharged battery with charged one.


Above activity shall=

  1. Reduce the issue of charging of car battery which take 8 hours. The battery replacement shall take 5 minutes.
  2. The charge point shall be every petrol pump.

Thus solution to critical problem of electric car shall make it successful.

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