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Smart Phone is cause of global slowdown and thing may go worse.

Smart Phone is cause of global slowdown and thing may go worse.

Today’s smartphone are five inch devises with chips, electronic circuit, sim card, memory card and battery. The smart prefix is added to phones, due to its ability to do multi task of camera, entertainments, calculation, dictionary, torch, mobile banking, booking tickets, ebooks etc. The making of any smartphone requires same number of hands as for any other devises like camera, calculator or torch etc. But due to end user multi-tasking, value is high.  

On other hand, world economy depends on many commercial mankind activities. The dependence is both on end product and people working to make this end product. People making this end product earns their live hood, which in turn help in money circulation of the economy. Says Banking industries. The world economy depend on banking activities. Bank activities caters secondary economy of people making cheque book, ATM machines, back office, customer care and more. By advent of smart phone, mobile banking is engulfing all the cheque book, ATM visiting, back office and customer care. Banking are directly catering the customer through smart phone. Hence, people depending on making cheque book, ATM machines etc are in verge of slow down. Future may be worst for these company. Likewise, is for CAMERA companies, Torch making company, company making dry cell battery, company selling audio or videos of films and songs. All are in verge of less demand due to advent of smart phone.

This is same case as after advent of ipod, Walkman was in slow down. News is that after update of news app in the mobile, news paper industries are in slow down. Compare to paper’s newspaper, mobile news app can be updated every 2 to 4 hours.

Entire world is running fast from reality to virtual reality and causing global slowdown.

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