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Smart fitness Shoes.

Smart fitness Shoes.

Hi, gone are the days of Smart fitness wearable fit band. Better version of fitness wearable is coming in your shoes.

  1. Power bank: Shoes shall be generating electricity and stored in inbuilt power bank. The movement of the foot make the magnet spear of iron to move to and fro within the shoes surrounded by spiral wire system.  This power bank can be used to charge mobile in remote area where no electric charge point.

2.Calories burning: Fit band in your hand cannot give accurate calories burn. Since man with 100 kg and man with 60 kg cannot give accurate calories burning in fit band. But in shoes, weight of the man is felt inbuilt and you do not have to make any adjustment of weight. There is difference between man with 100 kg walking 1 km is more than 60 kg walking 1 km. This is easily measured by smart shoes and recorded. After Bluetooth paring with smart phones, this can be transferred to your mobile phones.

3.Step count: Compare to  fitband, smart shoes can better capture step count and corresponding calories burn.

More to come. 

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