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Smart Cars and Smart Seat Belts

Smart Cars and Smart Seat Belts

In Smart Cars, the seat belts are like health wrist band. As you wrap the seat belt across your chest and  plug in, seat belt is switch on. 

What then?

  1. Check Heart Rate : Car sense your heart rate and same is displayed at the end of the drive to driver. Also this maintain history and display conclusion.
  2. Emergency :In case, while driving person gets high heart rate or heart attack, Car detect and immediately switch on the parking light and slowly stop the car. Also continues two phone call are made from the Cars to Customer care and nearest hospital with GPS location.
  3. Accident : In case of accident, Cars detect the pressure in the seat belt and send message to nearest hospital and customer cars simultaneously.
  4. Mood check : Also Smart seat belts detect mood the driver and play the music accordingly.
  5. Angry Mood of Driver : In case Driver is in angry mood, Cars illuminate the parking light automatically alerting other cars to keep distant. Also, Car run Air condition to its full till Driver calm down. 

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