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Smart Car with automatic car washer inbuilt system.

Washing a Car is very enchanting and beautiful job for many car owner. But easy  availability of water and water pump to make this fun is missing many times.

So here is Smart Car with automatic car washer inbuilt system. Details of car wash automatic system is as follows

  1. First of all, the water condensing through AC ventilators all over the Car is collected in wind washer tanks. Let this tank collects more than 30 to 40 litres of water.
  2. Once tank if filled completely, a green signal beeps within the car. Car is ready to wash any time.
  3. Owner have to keep car in starting mode with parking brake on. Open the hood of the car and remove a long steel pipe connected to washer tank by 6 meter long pipe.
  4. There is jet gun at this steel pipe, as owner press the jet gun trigger, water is pumped out with very high pressure for car washing.
  5. Once car washing is completed, keep the steep pipe inside the hood as it is was kept earlier and closed down the hood.
  6. Car wash is Finish. Car wash is completed without use of any water from outside and it is completed within 2-5 minutes.

Soon this shall be part of factory fitted accessories of all cars.  

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