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Smart Car –Back Red LED light.

Smart Car –Back Red LED light.

We all know the function of Red LED light of Car at back side. As one apply brake and reduce the speed of the car, Red light switch one. This is message to Alert vehicle following the Car to reduce the speed and avoid accident.

In coming Smart Cars, these back red LED light have additional feature for protection.

Says your Car is standing in signal and a car behind is nearing you from behind and about to cross 3  meters, the LED light behind  you starts blinking brightly. Alerting  Car behind to stop or reduce the speed.

Also if your Car is running in the speed of 100 km per hours speed in the highway and BMW is chasing with Speed with 200 km per hours. As BMW reach 100 metres behind the your car, The LED starts blinking. Alerting Car behind to stop or reduce the speed.

Isnt this Great.

How this happens: Sensors behind the Cars. These sensor send sound waves behind the cars and sense the reflecting ways. Thus calculated with complex mathematical equation moving object behind toward cars and send blinking LED signal to Alert.


  1. As driver on vehicle behind ignorantly or enthusiastically nears behind you, the Cars send strict alert message.
  2. Car is protected. 

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