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Oxygenation of drinking water

Oxygenation of drinking water

Oxygen is very vital to human being.  Oxygen is very important for absorption and conversion of food energy to human body energy. In absence of oxygen, food absorbed in the body is not able to convert to energy. Till date, human had healthy life system and health food culture to meet native harmony. Nowadays, due o uneven life system and indoor routines, human body is becoming dull and human have learn to live in insufficient oxygen. Resulting the body storing food after food in the form of fats and toxin. This store food interfere with day to day body routine and lead to disease.


Should human tolerate this and accept disease. Many do aerobics, yoga, morning walk and deep breathing. Still large population don’t hve time to do any such work. For those  who are busy and need oxygen sufficiently for them it is this article.


Soon, a brand of consumer good is going to launch Fridge to deliver oxygenated drinking water. You store drinking water in the fridge and drink cold water. Now Fridge will also oxygenate water along with freezing it to low temperature.

The mechanism is kept secrete, but you have to save the water in the small tank and keep it is for 2 hours before using it for drinking water. The fridge shall not only freeze this but also oxygenate this.


You will get oxygenated same way as you get when you were small child in the mother womb. Mother use to breath and provide dissolved oxygen to her child to live. Likewise, you shall now norish your body in dissolved oxygen.

Advantage of drinking dissolve oxygen:

  1. The blood will be reach in oxygen and pH of the blood will rise. If blood pH falls, the body become dizziness and tired. But not after drinking dissolved oxygen you will feel fresh.
  2. Stored fats and toxin will be removed and you fill look thin day by day. But you will be healthy and strong, not week. Your skin will glow.
  3. You don’t have to waste your time in doing exercise, yoga or walking.
  4. Slowly long term diseases like cancer, diabetes, depression will be removed from world.

…. And more

You will be happy ever.  Good day.

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