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maneeshdhauni remedy for Dental decay.

Dental decay cause and remedy.




Dental decay is known disease in mankind and  also its presence to pet animals closed to mankind. Thereafter, dental decay is not known for teeth of other animals. Further, dental decays are not problem in our ancestor monkeys living in wild life.


You should expand your horizon of understanding and see birds, lions, elephants, wolf etc also do not have dental decays. You also know these animals do not brush their teeth. Do they?


For your information, human teeth are made of very strong and durable chemicals, which no bacteria or germs can harm.


Cause of dental decay:


Step 1. Development of crack in teeth:


I confirm the cause of dental decay is our food habit of eating very  hot food followed by drinking freezed water immediately. Like glass, teeth are brittle in nature and they do develop cracks due to steep change in temperature of food and drink.


 Step 2. Water in crack causing further widening of crack.


Water is present in the teeth all the time. These water penetrate the crack and again due to steep rise and low of temperature, help in widening of the crack.


Every body is aware of water pipe breaking in snowfall country or erosion of rock in snow fall countries. Water enters the crack and as temperature of surrounding falls below zero degree, water expand and causes widening of rock cracks.


This phenomena occurs in the mouth very fast compare to the nature but at nano level.


Hence, crack in teeth widen day by day. This is at nano level and not visible to naked eyes and erosion of teeth take place day by day causing  black cavity.



Evidences to support above statements:


1. Dead human teeth.


Dead human cannot eat or drink very hot food/water and hence dead human teeth are deprived of step 1 dental decay cause discussed above.  Step 2 take places for somedays due to nature and there after stops.


So dead human teeth should remain intact for 100 to 1000 years as per above mentioned dental decay cause. And yes, it is correct. If you dig the grave of human body 100 to 1000 years and check the dead body teeth, it will be fit and fine. You can see dead human Bone may be decaying, but not teeth.


Bacterial and germs are present every where and they should have decay the teeth for 100 to 1000 years , which is not the case and hence your conception of Bacterial and germs causing dental decay is wrong.



2. Wild animals in equators;


Many wild animals in equatorial rainforest live and eat at moderate raise and fall in temperature of their food.


Hence compare to other animals , teeth of equatorial animals are very fine, provided it is not expose to volcanic surrounding.


3. Poor peoples teeth/ villagers:


If you check the dental condition of poor peoples or villager, here only those you get room temperature food and water, no very hot or  very cold food. The dental condition of these poor people shall be again much better.





From the above 3 examples, it is clear that dental decays are caused by eating habits of very hot food and very chilled drinks. So stop this immediately and see the results in 6 months. Your teeth should be fit and fine.

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