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IV. Evidences of Human are not evolved from Monkey.

IV. Evidences of Human are not evolved from Monkey.

Human are known for Human Brain. Human Brain is said to be having power of super computer. Human Brain is more powerful and because of this brain, Human have said to be evolved from Jungle to concrete Jungle.

But there is contradiction to this thought. Everyone knows that Human are using their Brain less than 1.0%.

So does this mean that 99.0% of Human Brain have evolved without Mankind using these Brain. Is it possible that Human are using hand for 1.0% of daily use and Human hand have evolved 99.0% of its own?

Say Snakes are using only 1.0% of bite of total bite and poison have evolved. Lions, tiger and leopards have done hunting only 1.0% of time of eating 100% of food they eat. That is, they have burrowed meal from some other animal. Is it, Elephant have been using its trunk only 1.0% of daily usage and still Trunk have evolved 99.0%? No this is not possible.

If anything is to be evolved, then it is to be used more than 100% times. Then can anybody explain, how come human brain evolved without using it.

Yes, many of you have got this correct. Human are not evolved but stepped down from some other planet of Heaven with this powerful Brain. Only if you lose your memory due to some chemical or accident, then it is possible that human are not using 100% of Brain power.

It is well documented in Hindus scriptures that one of king have added some chemical in the river Sarawati to mystify Hindus and loss their power.

In Ramayana, Super Hero Hanuman had very strong power. Then one of the Indian old heritage man mystified Hanuman and He lost his know power.

Hence Humans have lost their consciousness and brain power. But they have not evolved from Monkey.

Hence, I confirm again that Human are not evolved from Monkey.



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