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Internet of thing Chapter 1

Internet of thing Chapter 1:

Before gaming with internet of thing, we should understand technology. What is true technology or fake technology?


True technology

Fake technology


True technology is like person saying truth, whatever you ask –likewise true technology will say only truth. Example analogue Swiss watch.

Fake technology is like actor who is given script to act like saying truth to you effectively, whatever you ask- likewise fake technology will say only truth effectively -provided it is in script. Say Digital wrist watch.

Make and cost.

The “make of technology” is architect by genius person with long years of practise and experiance.

Examples– man made Italian sport cars or Swiss wrist watch.

If System is true technology, it made after architect consider details study and robustness with respect to real surrounding. Hence true technology are durable and make big difference to mankind and cost great.

The “make of technology” is false and only output made to appear to give same effect of true technology.

Examples – mad made Video games of racing of Italian sport cars or digital watch.

If system is fake technology, architect consider details study and robustness with respect to real surrounding and make script for system to act and give same effect.  Hence fake technology make small difference to mankind and cost less compare to true technology.


Difference between “make of technology” how effective results it produces. So there are many fake technology. Say for social, there may social apps with different effectiveness of social being.


The architect consider real surrounding and robustness studies, so real technology stands durable. As surrounding remains constant for long time say decades. Hence, true technology remains durable.

The architect consider real surrounding as script. The robustness of the fake technology effectiveness to you. Another architecture may come with better script and more effective.

So this fake technology is not durable.

Example, video games of Italian super cars keep updating and hence not durable.  Also digital wrist watch are not replacing by Fitband.

Suggestion to reader

This should be true investment. You should case your hard earn investment in these true technology. You will never regrets.

This should be investment only before investment to true investment but not your integral part of the life. These are cheaper and give you idea about true technology. If not required, do not go for these investment of your hard earn money.

Current status

True technology is integral part of few chosen rich people.

Due to social apps and cheaper availability, fake technology is integral part of global mass.

Social apps again is fake technology.


Its bring no diseases as architect consider surrounding and robustness study. Its comfortable and make mankind pride.

Due to fake technology we get acquaintance to disease like diabetic, blood pressure, obesity etc. Also emotional diseases.

Copycat of technology.

Copycat of true technology is also available. But these are again fake technology as architect is given script to act like true technology.

Copycat of fake technology is more cheap and out of scope here.


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