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Hydrogen is future of Smart Cars.

This idea is for GULF Countries, who can make optimum use of this idea.

Hydrogen gas is fuel for Future. Hydrogen burn to give Water. Then why Hydrogen is not fuel at present.

Because, storing hydrogen is very dangerous. This burns with explosion and nothing to stop it. Example is Heidelberg.

So do this going to stop us. No.

In current radioactive material, to avoid radioactive decays are stored in pelleted and well separated.  Likewise hydrogen are stored in very small Metal container say injection instead of storing 1 mole of Gas in one container, we store 1 mole of Gas equally in 100 metal alloy container. When it is required, this container has injection to poke out hydrogen to any engine for burning and hydrogen burns in free oxygen to form water. This is how the Hydrogen can be used as fuel.

If any accidents happened, only one of injection alloy may burn and damage shall be very less.

For this we shall require following

  1.  Power station to generate Hydrogen as fuel.
  2. Storage where Hydrogen is stored in the Metal alloy Capsules.
  3. Conveyor belt to transfer Metal alloy capsules to special engines.
  4. Special engines suck out hydrogen from Metal alloy injection system and burn it for driving Cars.

Details description of Hydrogen Fuel.

  1. Power station go generate hydrogen as fuel.

This power station uses SUN energy to decompose water to hydrogen and oxygen gas. The Fresnel lens are used to focus Sunlight to water. The Fresnel lens are so arranged that first set of lens concentrate the sun rays and focus on second set of Fresnel lens, which focus them to other set and so on till laser level thin beam is generated which  is focus on water. Water decomposes to hydrogen and oxygen immediately.  

These Hydrogen gas and Oxygen gas is carefully collected in container and allowed to stand without any disturbance. Due to different density, Hydrogen is collected as upper layer and oxygen as lower layer.

  1. Storage :

Hydrogen collected in tank is transfer to storage house in small injection made of alloy.

  1. In Car, say 5000 injection alloy are transfer at Petrol or gas cylinder.  Car have conveyor belt that transfer injection to engine compartment systematically. In engine compartment, injection pump out hydrogen to engine and burns the fuel. During this process, only water is release and Car moves one.

Since, making hydrogen gas generation is free and use of hydrogen fuel is safe and environmentally friendly.  

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