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Humans have not evolved from Monkey. For scientific evidences read this.

Humans have not evolved from Monkey. For scientific evidences read this.

As per Sir Charles Darwin, Human have evolved from Monkey. But below argument and scientific evidences confirm that Humans (especially Indian. As I am Indian, I have read many spiritual scripts and come to this conclusion) are not evolved from monkey.


Fax machine principle:

Consider Fax machine. Fax sometimes called telecopying or telefax , is the telephonic transmission of scanned printed material (both text and images), normally to a telephone number connected to a printer or other output device. The original document is scanned with a fax machine (or a telecopier), which processes the contents (text or images) as a single fixed graphic image, converting it into a bitmap, and then transmitting it through the telephone system in the form of audio-frequency tones. The receiving fax machine interprets the tones and reconstructs the image, printing a paper copy.

Such a long meaning. Now consider as case where God fax a coloured document to Earth. But Madam Earth had black and white fax machine only. So, paper copy turned out be black and white. So many of you, who had taken colour photo copy in black and white, knows the outcome is not of good quality. Sometime picture is even blurred or confusing or unclear.

Now let this colour document sent to Madam Earth was nothing but Human. Paper here is chemicals wherein genetics are made of. As Earth had limited resources the 3D printing on Earth was not appropriate as God Expectation and Human were born with unclear agenda and goal of life. Human live or born as of person lost memory in an accident. We discover known facts and nature phenomena.

To better understand again, assume we have 3D printer and scanner between India and America. Instead of cartilage ink, there is Genetic printer and paper is nothing but pool of amino acid. A human is scanned in India and transmitted electronically to America. There 3 D printer develop same human man with 0.10% deviation. So same human is not generated at America. This human may behave differently slightly. He may not even adapt to American climate condition. Since this human followed Indian culture in India and wore traditional cloth, he /she may follow same in America.

This human now get married in America and genetic build is diluted to 50%. Later his children is married in America and Genetic is diluted to next 50%. Likewise after 3 to 4 Generations, this human fore childrens shall have more American character than India. But still they shall be different than American.

Likewise had happened to human, whose have been diluted first while transmitting to Earth and then marriage after marriage. Now we appear to evolved from Earth and nearby Monkey. But there many dissimilarity between us.

  1. Human sleep on back, but no monkey till date appear to do so.
  2. Human build house, but monkey don’t have any tendency to do so. If Monkey had evolved to Human and why not they evolved again to be like man or better than man. Simply because human are not evolved from Monkey.
  3. Human wear clothes from early life as we gained conscious. But after so many 10000 years, no monkey tend to wear cloths.  Say, cloth is some sort of protection from Germs and dirt than culture. Say Astronaut when they go Moon, they wear space suit for protection not as part of culture.  Dog, horse, elephants and cats have been staying with human for many century, till date no animal to other to wear cloths.
  4. We are not adapt to Earth. We all Human make compromise and protect. Say we wear cotton cloth if it hot and fur cloth if it is cold.
  5. Forgiveness. No animal forgive to other. Forgiveness is giving life to other provided you are strong enough. Say Elephants. They attack everyone even though they do not eat. Showing strength is part of animal on Earth.

Beside this we Indian have very profound knowledge of Mother Nature, Astro science, medicine etc.

In Vishnu puran, its clearly stated that Earth was submerged under water many times. Even though Indian had not done any scientific study of Geographical Earth, it is known and found to be true. Same is specified in the Bible. Todays Scientist confirm that Earth have been submerged under water and many living being have been destroyed. How, earlier human could know about this facts. Do they have survived this facts?

Beside , many medicines have specified in Indian Scripts. How Human gained so much knowledge if they have been evolved from Monkey.

Indian script say Time is not same everywhere on universe. This is true. Time on Earth is completed in 24 hours. 1 day in Heaven is equal to 10000 year on earth. Same is true for Black hole. A day in Black hole is many 1000 years on Earth. And So on.

This knowledge is not possible if human have evolved from Monkey.

As mentioned in statement 1, Human are great Gift of God sent to Earth and due to Earth element, we have lost many power and got week. Weakness of human is increasing as we get addicted to Earth. 

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