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Humans are not evolved from Monkey Part III

Humans are not evolved from Monkey, we are going to discuss more on this as per Indian literature and scientific evidences.

Current discussion is focus of following advance science of Birth and Rebirth of God Vishnu in India

God Vishnu is said purest form of GOD. In Indian literature, it is stated that GOD is beyond understanding of human. To communicate GOD’s will, desire and love to mankind, GOD take form of GOD Vishnu. So GOD Vishnu is worshiped as GOD in very simplest form.

(Note: Also, I am very small person to say or communicate anything about GOD. It’s said, GOD Vishnu the purest form of GOD can only communicate the best about GOD- as good as 24 carat Gold.)

To better understand GOD Vishnu objective to mankind, let’s consider a case study of  a Satellite agency had good Objective for mankind and send Astronauts to other planet say Mars. Due to some reasons, the Astronauts lost control in the project and remains lost in Mars. So they cannot communicate or even come back to Earth. Now, satellite agency may send Best of his official man to Mars, with main objectives to continue and troubleshooting engineers. These best of official on reaching Mars immediately start solving the problems and retaining the main objective for Mankind. If some of the Astronauts are not well, they shall bring back to Earth. This is how the project is retain by Satellite agency.

Likewise, GOD have been sending God Vishnu time and time again on Earth to retain mankind main objective. So far 9 times GOD VISHNU had taken birth (for more detail read this, retained the mankind objective and goes back to Heaven (Vishnu lok- best of all Heaven).

The act of birth and rebirth here is important. GOD take form of GOD VISHNU and come to Earth.  In Gita, God says to Arjun, normal human cannot understand ME. So for their understanding and for better mankind, I take birth again and again.

Like God Vishnu, we human also take birth and re-birth again and again, at GOD Commands. Birth and Rebirth is separated by semipermeable Death Layer.

Based on above, Indian culture broadly define life in 4 forms. Please read this details in

These Guidelines of Life  was brought by GOD Vishnu and educated to Humans, as we human have forgot  similar to example of  Astronauts lost the project in Mars and recused by Best official of Satellite agency.

This is very advance form of Science. This science of birth and rebirth is known to all Indian since ancient time.

This advance science form cannot be evolved on Earth. If this knowledge had evolved on Earth, then Reptiles living on Earth earlier to human, must have evolved much better to mankind.

Hence, Human must have stepped down from Heaven with this advance Science and in course have forgot some link.

This is evidence of Human are not evolved from Monkey, but created and sent to Earth by WILL OF GOD. 

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