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Human are not evolved from Monkey-Scientific evidences and discussion Part II


Human are not evolved from Monkey-Scientific evidences and discussion.

History and facts

If humans have evolved from Monkey as per Sir Charles Darwins

Human are not evolved from Monkey as per Indian mythology.



Dinosaurs use to rule Earth before the mankind. Hence, on excavation, we see Dinosaurs bones all over the world.  

If humans were evolved from Monkey, no human writes about these findings until todays mankind. Humans do excavation for well water, for burry of dead body or building houses, but no human  found dinosaurs bones.


Human have been using Forest left over as for their own well being.  Say-animal skins as cloth, bones of animals as weapons and wood as tools.

As per Indian mythology, Brama created Earth and send his Son King Daksh to rule. King Daksh came to Earth from havens and had more than 5000 sons. These sons were sent to all corner of Earth to rule and form different civilisation.

As these sons of King Daksh had not evolved on Earth, these do not know about the past of Earth. Hence various civilisations on Earth do not know about the past of the Earth.  


The story of King Daksh is very old and is said to be birth of civilisation on Earth.

Ravana flying plane. Pushpak vahan


Humans if evolved on Earth, plans was build in 19th century.

But if you check with any Indian about known flying object, every Indian –educated or uneducated know about the Ravana Flying plane.


In Ramayana, Ravana was evil man how had elder step brother Kuber. Kuber had good Relation with GOD kingdom and had Flying plan for traveling these was 7000 BC or much earlier.


Ravana took away the flying plane from his step brother and use for personal travel. Same flying plane was used by Ravana for abduction of Sita from Nasik –western part of India and took Her to Sri Lanka –different country.


Every Indian know this story, so Indian are known this fact. So Indian are know the use of Flying plane well.


If humans were evolved from earth, then this is not possible, Human had knowledge as they came from Heaven.

Ram setu


This is not possible if human were evolved on Earth.

After Ravana took the Sita to Sri Lanka, Lord Rama along with super power Monkey army went to Sri Lanka through Ram Setu. This was man made bridge at Ramanaya and still viewed from Satellite.


This confirms the story of Human super natural earlier and not evolved on Earth.

Human cloning

Human Cloning is debatable and illegal.  

In Ramayana, Sita had given birth to one child Luv. The twin brother Kush( Grass) born as  Human Cloning. For more details you can read story


So Science at the Ancient Indian was very much advance and hence this could not have happed if we have evolved on Earth.

Embryonic transfer 


Embryonic transfer  is todays science done by Expert Doctors.

When Devaki was pregnant with the seventh child, Lord Vishnu called upon Yogmaya (divine illusion) and said, "Devaki's seventh eternal embryo should be installed in Rohini's (another wife of Vasudev) body." Yogmaya transferred the embryo to Rohini's womb from Devaki's womb. This was done to prevent Kans from killing him at his birth.


Again every Indian knows these story whether he is educated or uneducated.


Hence, science was well used in ancient history of india and well written in script.


Also Indian are well versed and know these facts.

Nuclear weapons at time of Mahabharata.


Today’s we all know cold war between Russia and America about nuclear atomic bomb and missiles.

But Indians are well knows of these nuclear bombs and destruction caused by these.


In the Mahabaratha war, both cousin brothers Pandava and Kavruvas had Bramashtra ( nuclear bomb) but never used these in the war, as these war weapons were taught  be used only under critical condition and save mankind.


Like todays, these dangerous weapons were awarded to very responsible and matured Indian only by God and Rishish.


Even today, UNITED Nation emphasis all country to use Nuclear power with heavy responsibility and take strike action if not used properly.


So these too, Indian are well aware both educated and uneducated.


Universal Eye or Radio wave detector –Arjun Divya Eye

Radio wave telescope is todays science gadget.

Indian were aware of these Radio way detector since Mahabaratha.


In a given incidences in Mahabaratha- Lord Krishna give Radio wave eye to Arjun to see the world.


Arjun see the universe with Radio wave eye and gets very afraid.


He praises God –Lord Krishna for honor given to him and request to retain his normal eye.


Again every Indian –educated and uneducated know about the Universal eye of Arjun in Maharabhata.

Time travel and difference of Ages


As Human are kept in different time, there is different in age factor. Say Day in Black hole is equal to 1000 years on Earth. This is now fact.

This is still under discussion.

Indian are aware that on life in Space is equal to 1000 years on Earth. Earlier, many human body visited to Heavens but when they returned to Earth, all relative were dead. They had come to age of their Grand to Grand son time.  


This is scientific fact. If you keep vegetable on normal room condition ( Earth condition) and one you keep in Freezer, life of Vegetable on Freezer is longer say 1 or 2 weeks while life of vegetable on normal condition is day or two.


Indian both educated and uneducated are aware of these.

Philosophy of Less importance to worldly thing.

If humans were evolved from Monkey, we had given more importance to worldly.



But in practice it is not so.


As human is more mature, He avoid worldly things.


Like Rich people, they prefer silence, gentle behaviours   


Like Astronauts, when they goes to Moon. They do collect many samples but not possess by them.


As they are ware better things are available on Earth.


So Human, who are matured and self-true, do not run for worldly pleasures.


Philosophy of Less importance to worldly thing is not evolution, but its is recognition to true self. Human you had identify this, are not called evolved but true Humans.


Say European nation staying united in spite of many differences and   even though they have fought 2 great world war. Staying united and working together is example of Humanity and not evaluation.

So from the above, it is clear that Ancient Indian know better science and had not evolved from Monkey. They have been sent to Earth by Brahma (Creator of Universe).




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