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How to increase 10 fold subscriptions of print magazines and news paper in 3 months?

Well, question is how to increase 10 fold subscriptions of your print magazines and news paper in 3 months?

By Advertisements, by brand ambassadors, by price reductions or free commodity along with it. No.  At all.

Here is simple idea.

If you have seen school or college students journal book, you can connect it your dream of increasing 10 fold subscriptions of print magazines and news paper in 3 months.

As in journal, we have only one page to write and other for diagrams, so publisher can write print media or news only in one half of the paper and let other half be for writing parts of Readers. Reader can use this half of the page for writing as follows…

1. Daily routines

2. To do list.

3. Important notes.

4.  Parables.

This should avoid them from carrying mobile apps, notebook, dairy or to do list stationary.

Then how this is going to increase subscription of your publication?

This is how…..

Key factors

Today publication without writing space for reader.

Tomorrow with writing space for reader

Reader uses your publication for

Reading only

Reading and writing personal   articles , which may be used in future. .

Vicinal readers sees your publication.

During readers arereading.

Every time in reader hands, as reader do not carry separate note book, dairy, to do list note etc. Every   time writing work he or she does in your publication only.

Lifetime of your publication with reader

Till next edition arrives.

Even after next edition arrives, since personal notes are specified   in it.



Yes. You save production of many note books, diary, to do list   stationary along with this.

Hence, this is environmentally friendly.


You can claim for carbon credit scores.


Social appreciation


Yes. As reader is having your publication article all the time in his   or her hand, there is more social   awareness and appreciation of  wisdom   of both your publication and your reader.


No change.  

Increase in number and amount of sponsors.


As there is more social appreciation and awareness, sponsors shall   pour in.


As there are extra pages, even in writing space, you can advertise   with faint print.


Also as print article is going to   be more in hand of reader after completion of time and next publication due   to personal writing space, sponsors may pay more for advertisement in   readers writing space,especially.


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