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How to become resistance to Snake venom?

How to become resistance to Snake venom?

Snake venom are deadly to human being and resistance against snake venom can only remove the fear of snake in human.

Case I:Blood sample of Mangoose:

Everyone is aware that mangoose have develop resistance to snake venom. So small amount of blood daily induce in human since child can make human too resistance to snake venom. These small amount of blood can be provided as medication or vaccines since childhood. So as child grow, child develop resistance to snake venom.

Warning: there is no literature of safety of blood injection of mangoose to human being and thereby transmittance of new disease to mankind. Above thinking is idea toward making human resistance to snake venom.

Case 2:

Snake venom is stored in the body of snake in inactive stage or masked as VM, where V is venom chemical compound and M is masking chemical compound.

When snake bite, the venom is release from the gland and VM is separated to V and M. V is injected to body of enemy and M part circulate through the body of Snake blood. The M part also raises the blood pressure or act as drug making stagnant snake very active and agile. Thus making snake to run fast behind the prey or away from stranger.

So if we are able to extract M part of the snake, we can develop best antidote for V. Before entiring snake world, one has to take tablet or injection of M compound in the body. After this, if snake bite, M will combine with V and form inactive VM and remove the venom from the body.


Further, M have other advantages. M compound can make human being agile, fast and also youth. It will fight ageing.


Note: Above is idea to scientific study further before implementation.

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