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Health Food

Health Food

Hello friend, thanks to take time to read my article and understand my thinking on Food

Foods are organic compound that

  1. provide energy
  2. key chemical compound to update our wear and tears
  3.  and growth.

Earlier human civilization eat forest based raw products followed by agriculture and poultry products. Today food is fast food, just to finish acidity on stomach or quench taste of taste bud on tongue.  Its seems above mentioned definition of Food is replaced as follow

Food are man made compound that

  1. Tasty
  2. Finishes acidic and make you feel calm.

But, this is not true definition. Simply taste and buffers are not going to make you healthy. You have to return to true definition of food.

So eating raw food, vegetables and fruite and ignoring meat is what I meant? NOOOOOOOO.

I believe that one should eat plants based products, food, vegetable but should not cook them. Yes one should not cook the food.

If your body is heated above 50 degree celcius, you tend to die. Because your enzymes, hormones, proteins degrade and cannot support life system. If this is case, then how cook or oven cooked food heated above 100 degree celcius can support life in your body. So no cooking.

You can wash throughly expose your food to Sun Rays for 1 hours before eating. Cooking kill bacteria, so sun raise also kill bacteria. Difference between Sun rays and cooking is that Sun rays do not harm your food chemical entity. The chemicals, viatamins, proteins and minerals remains in state to support your life.

Another illustration, you have seen egg. Egg has all proteins, food and chemicals to support life and give birth , until it is cooked or boiled. The chemicals within egg is destroyed and it is fused. Likewise, green vegetables, fruits etc should not be cook.

So bye for now. Keep healthy and wise.

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