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Hi. Thanks to attempt to reading this short article of GOD vs Science. Since, childhood I am very found of Science subject, innovations, discoveries and comfort it brings to mankind. Also, I have been aware and against misuse of Science for mankind and mother nature. Besides, this I do read religious books and devoted to God. Current article is my opinion and current understanding on debate, greatness of GOD vs Science. Hope this may like or dislike you, please comment below.

For me GOD is great and Science is part of GOD. Just to explain, in all religious book it is mentioned that GOD made man and other living being of 5 elements viz, sky, air, water, earth and fire. This is well before any scientific book came to existence. Today, science states that all living organism are made of gene. Each genes of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, phosphorous etc. Do you know as per science, these elements are derived from nature as mentioned in religious book.

Genes elements

Derived from nature

Organism are made of 5 elements as per Religious book.


Air ( 78 % of Air is nitrogen, which react with nature and entire food chain and then to body and become part of amino acid and eventually genes. )


Hydrogen and oxygen

Water. Water is made of oxygen and hydrogen. Water is part of all living organism and during food assimilation it becomes part of body organ and eventually genes.


Carbon, phosphorus and other elements  

Earth. These are part of the fossil fuels, organic waste and organic food, These entire food cycle and eventually genes.


Redox reaction in all living organism giving exchange of elections.


Electrons and oxidation state of amino acids and biochemicals are changes as part of day to day acticity.



Sky or empty space between organic molecules.



From the above, religious books also capture origin of Dinosaurs as they are also made of Genes.

Just keeping generals, Religious book capture origin of all living organism. Hence, God is Great than Science.

Cause of faith.

Do we have more faith in science or God? Many should say science. Science has cure for many disease, which were fatal disease in past history. Science have proof and validation of many innovations like pen, cars, cloths, guns, television, phone etc. Where as we do not have proof or evidence of God Miracle.

By the way, why we corelate God with miracle only. God is universal and has uniform will power all over living and non living organism. God do not differentiate between human and animals. Genes were part of dinosaurs, ants, mosquitoes, mammals, reptiles and human being. These genes co-ordinate and gives life cycle to these organisms as per WILL of GOD. Its mankind perception that only we are different and special and have conscious and wisdom.

Definition of Scientific terms -reproduction, acid, base etc. Scientific gadget have gone upgrading from 2G to 3G phone, from 3G to 4G phone etc So, can any one say we shall not  not have better gadget or technology or medicines and we have faith on current one is best. No. We can have better quality in future based on advancement in Science. So all the achievement in the field of science are in motion.

Where as God is universal and stable and hence all have faith in God. God definition is same in all religious book, only way of description may change.

Again one may say, if XYZ have faith in GOD and still he dies of Cancer due to lack of medicine. For this we do not have blame GOD. Its lifecycle. It is law of science also that for every beginning there is end and for every end there is new beginning. Faith in God do not cure disease, but it give positive inner strength to tolerate the pain due to disease.   


God is universal and all physic laws, chemistry law and biology laws are followed uniformly as single will of GOD. Science is part of truth discovered and understood by mankind, we still have to go long way. Like seven colour identified by mankind. But in universe there are many colours than seven colours visible to mankind. 

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