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Free NewsPaper –New Slogan of E-Commerce

Free NewsPaper –New Slogan of E-Commerce                

E-commerce are soon going to launch new marketing strategy to sell more market.

Step 1: Registering:

You have to registered to E-commerce site with your name and postal address and select one ( yes only one) newspaper to receive daily free.

This E-commerce site shall daily deliver this News Paper at your door step early morning. Note that every day delivery boy shall also come with computer tablet of Smartphone with Ecommerce app installed.

Step 2: More shopping:

In case, one Sunday morning you need Gillett blade, Soap or Perfumes, you can get up early morning and give order to the delivery boy after you collected free newspaper. Delivery boy shall register the order.

Next day –Monday, Delivery Boy deliver the newspaper and also   order item and collect money cash.

Advantage to consumer:

1.Delivery of the item next day.

2.As Delivery visit every day, more reliability.

3.Free Newspaper.

4.Saves cost of internet or gadget or not necessary to be tech savvy. Even House old Granny or Grandpa can order the item.

Advantage of Ecommerce:

1.Better broad spectrum of customers – of all ages, size and remote area.

2.Less expenses on marketing as delivery of newspaper is far cheaper than giving discounts or advertising in Internet and Television.

3.Better customer relation and confidence.


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