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food of immortals

Food and immortal life.

Food is responsible to different range of immortal life of living organisms from life of day to life of 2000 years.  As humans are omnivorous,  your food habit too make you immortal to different life span. Hence it is very important to know what we should eat and to what extent.

Food is best thin in the world. Food gives you energy to do what you want in the in the life. Unknowingly, food also helps in human repair systems of body. Thus, food keeps you active and fresh.

Food has been serving this purpose in all living organism. As mentioned this, food you immortal. The range of immortal of living being depend on following characteristic of food.

  1. Quality of food we eat.
  2. Availability of food.
  3. Your appetite.

1. Quality of food:

Quality of food is not limited to just freshness, natural or vegetarian or non vegetarian . Quaity of food is dependant on how far it meet basic requirement of organism.

  1. Energy supplementary.
  2. Repairment supplementary.  
  3. Infaction of food from bacteria and viruses.

Please don’t count medicinal supplementary of vitamins or other drug. These are not food.

Energy supplementary degrade down the food chain say from sun to plants, plants to animals and thereof.

Sun is main source of energy in the solar system. Sun  heat energy is absorbed in plant in chemical form and saved. This is food for plant. Sun heat energy is used for both day to day energy and repairment of the body.  Details on can see transpiration process.

Herbivorous eat plants and uses stored chemical energy for food. This energy is less than sun energy received directly as food.  So grade of energy in herbivorous is less than plant and stored as body organs and fats.

Carnivorous animal eat herbivorous animals. Hence, Carnivorous animals uses energy stored in body organs and fats. These energy stored is less than Herbivorous.

So energy flow is as follows :

Sun energy to plant= energy used by plant for life+ plant stored at fruit.

Energy from Plants to herbivorous= energy used by herbivorous +herbivorous energy stored as fats and body organs.

Energy from herbivorous to carnivorous= energy used by carnivorous+ carnivorous energy stored as body part

Energy degradation are a follows

Sun < Plant< Herbivorous< Carnivorous.


Availability of Food:

Sun energy is available as food for plant 24X7X 365 days. Hence, plants are more happy and active and fresh throughout the day.  Also plant have most longest life on earth. There is no competition.  

Herbivorous live on plant. Plants are available throughout the years or for seasons. Inshort, it is available for months. So there is competition for food in scarcity.

Carnivorous live on herbivorous.  Herbivorous are available less easily compare to plants. Mostly, underdeveloped, crippled and diseased herbivorous are available for carnivorous. Plus, there is completion for food.

Hence carnivorous food quality is very less or even disgusting. Hence energy of food from herbivorous to carnivorous is bad.

Discussion can go on and on.

From the above, availability of food is as follow : Sun energy > Plant food> herbivorous food.

Infection of food by bacteria and viruses.

Sun energy is not infected by bacteria or viruses.  But degree of infection increases to plant to herbivorous to carnivorous.

Hence quality of food decreases from sun to carnivorous.

Quality of food  Sun energy > Plant food> herbivorous food.

Hence human to become immortal by food:

Human should take plant food washed and cleanly properly as such and expose this to sun before to eating. Also, after bath, one should have sun bath. These two thing should make  you more relatively immortal.

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