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Fablet ( more than phone and less than tablet computer ) and car

Fablet ( more than phone and less than tablet computer ) and car

  1. Music system : In the days of fablet, it is very cheap to have car with old music systems, where you have to connect  CD, USB port or mobile to hear music.  If default fablet is present in your car your car has more than 2 gb of data base to store music of all the format. So default fable tot car is instant hit.
  2. Navigation : In case you have default fablet, your car do not have to invest in gadget for navigation. Fablet can help car to navigat as and when required.
  3.  Tracking device. : Fablet can well be installed with tracking device to track your car and check safety of the car. IN today absence of fablet, one have to spend extra money on the tracking device.
  4. Parking camera: The fablet can be connected to parking camera and hence helpful in efficient parking. Today extra money is spend in the parking camera device.
  5. Tachometer, odometer, temperature etc: Fablet can easily replace tachometer, odometer and temperature sensors alone. So Feblet is very helpful.
  6. Calling device. : Fablet can be used as calling device , provided the Car company make mandatory that call facility is available when car is in neutral gear only. If car is in other gear, call is automatically disconnected.
  7. Office work : Fablet  present in the car can be helpful for checking status in emails.
  8. Emergency calling: In case of accident, air bags comeout in car. Likewise, a immediate call can be sent to stored 5 to 10 numbers of known relatives and friend along with hospital immediate by the fablet.
  9. Internal checking : the mini camera within the hood and trunk if connected to default fablet, then one can see it sitting in the car without opening these in the fablet.
  10. Video call: Default fablet can help to do video call in the car with far away dear ones.
  11. Reminders : The car show rooms can send reminders in the car directly to fablet as SMS.
  12. Banking : Fablet can help to do internet banking within the car.
  13. Payment by NFC: Fablet present in the car can be used as debit card for the payment of bills of petrol, shopping by NFC. Etc
  14. News  and entertainment channel on go: fablet can helpful in presence of 3G service for News and entrainment channel in the car.

Wow list is endless.

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