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Emergency exist for People of Skyscraper.

Emergency exist for People of Skyscraper.

Nowadays city life are surrounded by High rise buildings and Office. This is beautiful and sign of prosperity. Keep Growing.

But this high rise building become problem in case of Emergency like fire in building. People life are very critical and crucial. Also emergency exist became problem in Fire crises or Gas explosion. There are many solution like emergency exit door or emergency training for people. But these are still difficult during crisis for common individual to follow.

Enclosed is possible simple and most reliable solution, which make emergency exist fast and simple for all individual shapes, age and even handicapped individual.

During construction of building, architecture have to make snake like concrete cylindrical structure wrapping the building like Snake hold a branch of tree. The cylindrical of the Concrete is about diameter of 2 meters or more. As this concrete cylindrical passes any house in nth floor (where n may be any from 2, 3, 4, 5 to nth floor), there is emergency door opening the concrete cylinder. The concrete cylinder open  directly in the ground. This cylindrical is sloping down such that man slip and come down to ground floor from any floor within 1 minutes. During fire incident, all the individuals of the building shall open emergency door and slide done immediately to ground floor safely. Even if individual is blind, without limbs, he or she can slide down easily to ground floor within 1 minutes. 

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