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Cleanliness is best fitness pathway.

Cleanliness is best fitness pathway.

For fitness, many of readers do exercise, walking, running, cycling and latest fashion yoga. Also, you spends 15 minutes to 2 hours on this. Some may even spend more than this.

Think, if you invest this time for cleanliness!

Yes, keeping yourself clean, you’re surrounding clean and your daily usage gadget clean. Just try for once! Your Home, your surrounding shall become more wanting and dear to you.

Exercise, walking, running and cycling may take 1 months to give results. But cleanliness shall give you results from very day itself.

Ok. I shall start cleanliness from today. But what should I clean?

It very simple. Write down 5 things in piece of paper and clean it thoroughly. Repeat this for next 5 things every day. In weeks’ time, you shall have 35 things clean and in months’ time 150 thing clean.

Your durables, mobiles, book rackets, drawer, locker, shoes, ornaments, list is endless.

This may takes same 15 minutes to 1 hours daily. Not only your calories shall burns during cleaning, you shall also use your brain to get better results of cleaning. Make some craft of waste to decorative items.

You have two hemisphere of brains working very differently. But when you are involve in such productive work, both brain work together and give better results.

Also cleanliness, give better hygiene’s, better look and personality. As year passes, you develop as altogether better person, note this done today.

During exercises you may incur pain, or injuries. During cleanliness you incur better rapport in your society.

With all above said, our elderly generation have said rightly that Cleanliness is next to Godliness. 

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