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Car Camera and GPS importance for Car insurance company.

Car Camera and GPS importance for Car insurance company.

Car insurance pays to damages to car caused due to accidents or fault instruments. No matter how precautions one take of insurance high premium one pays, accidents should be avoided and statistic studies to be made.

Car insurance company should make following car accessories to be mandatory.

  1. Car camera with recording memory of 10 days.
  2. Reverse car camera with recording.
  3. GPS tracking of Cars for 10 days.

Further quality of camera has to be good, small and compact like mobile camera and situated ahead and back.

Discussion on how this will help car company.

  1. Car camera recording will help car insurance company for better case investigation and future action.
  2. Reverse car camera shall prevent accident.
  3. GPS tracking shall prevent car from stolen.

Car insurance company can check with recording of car camera whether car accident occurred in highway or parking lot. Person during car way trained driver or leaner.

Car  insurance should take initiative and pay for installation of these three accessories. Car insurance company can save lot of money and can prevent lot of accidents in future.


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