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Best chaise of car.

Idea Title

Best chaise of car.


The base platform of cars are straight line and strong enough to sustain heavy load of car and passengers.


The propose my idea deals with the shape of base platform. Instead of straight line, it is arch form with optimum crest. At two ends of the arch ( the crest) wheels are placed. 


I have many ideas for futuristic car, one is given in details.


How it work-

When physical pressure is applied in downward direction, the arch structure sustain the pressure more conveniently then straight structure. Eg- Tortoise shell is arch shaped, Roman bridge pillar stands are arch shaped, Japanese worriers ninjas swords were arch shaped. All these illustrate better strength.


Benefits of the Idea-

1. The arch shaped base platform of Car divulge the trust of accident such that car topple smoothly and greater damage to car and passenger is prevented.

2. The arch shaped base platform of Car gives better ground clearance. Hence car can go to the all the place and work as SUV.

3. The arch shaped base platform of Car provide better mechanics for wheels to be moved such that height can be moved up and done. This mechanics is cheaper then conventional one.


Competitors of the idea:


There is currently no competitors.


Cost of the Idea:

The arch shaped base platform of Car is free, as the supplier of the current base platform supplier of the car will bear the burden for Company.


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