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After smart cars, now reads smart roads.

After smart cars, now reads smart roads.

You must have read about smart cars in internet and also seen my smart cars. Now current idea talk about smart road, which make life and economy both progressive.

To understand basic of smart road, consider simple illustration.

You are pulling a big 1 ton iron box. You shall easily get tired. The iron box may not move. This is gravity. Now, let same iron box have four wheel. You shall be able to move the iron box. But still task is difficult.

Now consider that I ton iron box is magnetised. The floor is also magnetised, such that both iron box and floor repeal each other. The repulsion force is maintain such at iron box is simply resting above the four wheels. Now you don’t even have to pull the iron box. The iron box can move by pull of  your finger.

This is simple philosophy of magnet repulsion to overcome gravity. The same iron box is replace by magnetised car. The road is also magnetised. Can you imagine, you start your car and start with fifth gear.

In reality, the road is covered by iron metal layer. This is magnetised by flow of current. As iron or steel magnetised car move over the road, car move with very ease. This is smart road.

Now read advantage of smart road.

  1. Fuel efficiency: This smart road shall increase fuel efficiency from current approximate 20 km/hour to 40-100 km easily.
  2. Industry application: The converter belt of car assembly plant can be made on such phenomenon. This shall reduce industrial cost significantly.
  3. Aeroplane landing: Till date, aeroplane landing is serious business, causing bursting of tyres and aeroplane crash. Now if landing road of Airport is as good as smart road. Aeroplane landing shall be smooth as gliding. No tyre bursting no accident. No runoff of Aeroplane in runway.
  4. Increase durability of road: As no friction of road, road durability shall be increase.



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